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Ensure the ongoing integrity, safety and performance of your assets whilst reducing your operating costs with our leading range of hydraulic and electrical solutions – underpinned by certified inspection and service experts.

Every solution you need to ensure the ongoing integrity of your hydraulic and electrical assets.

Maintaining your production critical assets  across all of your hydraulic systems, including small bore tube services, modifications, inspections and complete through life 24-7 maintenance support.

In-house built electrical systems for hazardous and non-hazardous environments, certification to ATEX/IECEx/UKEX/NEC. Asset management supported by our CompEx Technicians and aligned to IEC requirements.


End-to-end Hose Services

Our team have 30+ years experience working with hydraulic hoses, industrial hoses, fittings, valves, pipe, flanges and other industrial products.

Our experts will take end-to-end ownership of your hose requirements: from support in the effective identification of the problem to quick-turn resolution including on-time delivery and installation.

We understand the criticality of hoses, which is why we provide fast and effective tailored solutions to maintain uptime and utility of your assets. Being able to deliver quality in the most complicated of integrated applications means we repeatedly save our clients’ money and time.

Meet our smarter solutions:

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Powered by Inspection Manager™, our inspection team will fully assess all of your hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems whilst providing instant and actionable insights to inform any remedial responses – all of which can be completed by the SMS service team for a prompt resolution.

Powered by Maintenance Manager™, on-site, technicians and operators can access all key information via an easily searchable digital document library, and fully rendered and navigable asset graphic – enhancing speed, efficiency and performance of maintenance activities.

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