Inspection Manager

A fully digital solution to support inspectors and administrators in completing their inspection tasks

Next generation inspection services

Powered by Inspection Manager™, our inspection team will fully assess all of your hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems whilst providing instant and actionable insights to inform any remedial responses – all of which can be completed by the SMS service team for a prompt resolution.

Minimise disruptions

The use of tablet devices for inspectors means they can input straight into a live data feed, with multiple tasks being conducted using the same device.

Improve planning effectiveness

Whilst connected, inspectors can upload new checks and/or deposit information centrally for storage and analysis, including punch point tags where further action is required. At its optimum, this provides:

Reduce inspection costs

Inspection Manager also helps to reduce costly administration. Through the mobile app, the data is input and synced straight to the administrator’s desktop application, from where it can be exported into a desired report format without the need to manually re-input into a system.

Ensure secure, transparent and auditable data

With regular syncing, there is complete traceability of all inspections conducted, rendering the process fully auditable to prove compliance. And with end-to-end data encryption between the devices whilst syncing, it provides full protection of potentially confidential information. Inspection Manager retains all the benefits provided by a traditional paper based inspection, and augments them to take your inspection to the next level.

Reducing costs, demonstrating compliance or ensuring the integrity of your assets – whatever your business objectives, regular inspection is key to maximising your operational performance. 

The quality of an inspection in terms of reliability and effectiveness directly translates into potential cost saving and efficiency benefits, and is therefore a crucial factor to consider.

Versus traditional paper based systems, Inspection Manager enhances inspection: 

When is your next inspection due?

Optimising efficiency and performance throughout the life of your assets

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