Great Yarmouth

Home to our hydraulic, electrical and hose technical experts

Your local service centre

Close, quick and supportive solutions; our service experts located at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk – are in an ideal location to proactively ensure the ongoing integrity, safety and performance of your assets either onshore or offshore, North Sea.

Our technical experts will promptly carry out all required proactive and/or reactive maintenance work to maximise your uptime.

 All reinforced by our back-office support functions. Combined with an intimate knowledge of operational best practice and avoiding/resolving common pitfalls, SMS are your trusted partner for ongoing support services.


Our team of Hose experts offer years of experience to bring our clients complete 360°, leading Hose Management solutions. Supporting numerous environments, offshore and onshore.


Electrical and Instrumentation

Ensuring asset integrity is vital for the safety of your staff and the reliability of your operations. This is especially true for safety critical systems such as electrical controls.


A single component failure within a hydraulic system could compromise the performance of your entire operation. SMS can provide specialist hydraulic services across all of your hydraulic systems.

Administrator's View

Powered by Inspection Manager™, our inspection team will fully assess all of your hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems whilst providing instant and actionable insights to inform any remedial responses – all of which can be completed by the SMS service team for a prompt resolution.

Powered by Maintenance Manager™, on-site, technicians and operators can access all key information via an easily searchable digital document library, and fully rendered and navigable asset graphic – enhancing speed, efficiency and performance of maintenance activities.

The Hydraulic and Electrical experts

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