SMS awarded contract to build two LOOP60 systems by Levidian Nanosystems Ltd

At the end of last month we were awarded a contract by world leading climate tech business Levidian to build the first two LOOP60 systems. 

This strategically important contract win demonstrates our capabilities in delivering impactful low carbon solutions for one of the UK’s most exciting companies.  Indeed, Levidian’s LOOP technology converts hydrocarbon gas into graphene – a super material as well as hydrogen – a fuel that emits zero carbon when combusted.  Levidian’s technology has already been deployed to the UAE and these LOOP60s are being prepared in response to significant customer demand, with their final locations to be determined during the course of assembly.

Dave Howlett, Managing Director said: “This contract award underlines SMS’s credentials to deliver on challenging low-carbon briefs with world-leading technology companies.  We have enjoyed getting to know Levidian and their offer over the past year and are delighted that we will be deepening our relationship.  The design brief embeds repeatability to ensure maximum efficiency is realised to drive down costs and reduce lead-times on future projects and we hope that this will be the first of many project wins.”

Levidian’s Chief Production Officer Ian Hopkins adds: “With a growing pipeline of customer interest for LOOP technology, we are excited to launch the build of the first two LOOP60 systems with SMS. Their expertise will ensure we can scale quickly and deliver this in-demand technology to customers around the world. This is a really important step for us as we balance product standardisation and the ability to scale rapidly through partnership. Addressing the global challenge to decarbonise demands collaboration and SMS are an excellent strategic partner.”

We’ve been privileged to collaborate closely with Levidian to develop the design criteria following a Memorandum of Understanding signed by both parties in 2022.  

About SMS

Part of the Alderley group, SMS is the hydraulic and electrical expert for the global energy industry. 

SMS’ priority is to optimise the integrity and efficiency of its clients’ energy assets.  It achieves this through its extensive range of asset integrity solutions, smarter services including digitally optimised services, and new build and retrofit control systems – specialised solutions honed across 30 years supporting some of the biggest names in the energy industry.

About Levidian

Founded in 2012, Levidian is a British climate tech business whose patented LOOP technology cracks methane into hydrogen and carbon, locking the carbon into high-quality green graphene. Our world-leading Technology Centre in Cambridge also offers R&D consultancy to companies in the development of graphene-enhanced products.

Levidian’s vision is a decarbonised world powered by hydrogen and built on graphene.

For more information contact:

James Kavanagh, Head of Group Marketing & Strategy, Alderley plc