Hydraulic Services

Maintaining your production critical assets

Market-Leading Hydraulic Solutions For The Global Energy Industry

A single component failure within a hydraulic system could compromise the performance of your entire operation.

SMS can provide specialist hydraulic services across all of your hydraulic systems, including:

Hydraulic services

Our hydraulic experts can help ensure the ongoing integrity, performance and safety of your assets through:

Complete through-life 24/7 support

SMS has a team of hydraulic specialists available 24/7 providing services to the Energy industry.

Initially established as a single-source hydraulic services provider for operators in the Southern North Sea, SMS’ extensive range of hydraulic solutions are now utilised on offshore, floating and onshore developments around the world.

Repeatedly partnering with some of the biggest names in the energy industry, our customers benefit from unrivalled customer service, market-leading solutions and complete through-life support.

From front-end engineering, manufacturing and testing at our state-of-the-art facilities, to installation, commissioning and aftermarket services to optimise asset performance, SMS is your trusted partner for hydraulic control solutions. 

Asset inspection and management

Ensuring asset integrity is vital for the safety of your staff and the reliability of your operations.

Utilising Inspection Manager, SMS can provide complete asset integrity management support for your hydraulic control systems, including their key components, regardless of original equipment supplier.

All hydraulic systems and components can be tagged and preloaded into Inspection Manager. This enhances inspection and maintenance planning, supports prompt part identification and action in the event of obsolescence, and provides instant access to all relevant data and certification in the event of an audit.

Furthermore, all Inspection Manager information can be uploaded to Maintenance Manager: giving you complete asset information, parts ordering and maintenance scheduling at your fingertips.

Recent Projects

"Gaining an intimate knowledge of our customer’s needs and processes, paired with our highly competent hydraulic technicians and back office support - allows us to respond rapidly, professionally and efficiently, every time."
Andy Gibbs
Offshore Manager
Image: Hydraulic Power Unit, Offshore Southern North Sea (SNS)

360° Hydraulics support

Providing 24/7 support for all aspects of hydraulic maintenance, installation and support on a multi-year contract basis for our customer’s multiple assets in the UK Southern North Sea – providing supervision support and having permit authority for barge campaigns.

Assets included both manned and normally unmanned installations (NUI).

The long-term service agreement continues to result in:

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Other innovative engineering solutions

Optimising efficiency and performance throughout the life of your assets.

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