World leading climate tech business Levidian and hydraulic and electrical experts SMS sign MoU to build joint roadmap for success

30 May 2022

30th May, 2022, Cambridge / Great Yarmouth, UK: Levidian Nanosystems Limited, based in Cambridge has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Specialised Management Services Limited (SMS), owned by the Alderley Group, and based in Great Yarmouth.

The MoU sets out a pathway for collaboration, with SMS providing LOOP deployment support services, including ancillary systems and the co-development of ‘balance of plant’ design to enable integration with existing industrial systems, including in the processing and flaring of oil and gas operations.

The collaboration also aims to open market opportunities for LOOP systems into SMS’s existing client base, where SMS has a strong heritage and presence in the UK and internationally. This will have particular focus on the oil and gas industry, a sector which has historically found it difficult to manage methane emissions. 

The MoU lays the foundation for a long-term approach that could include other international locations of the Alderley group and the inclusion of aftermarket services for through-life support.

Colin Elcoate, CEO of the Alderley Group said: “This MoU foresees an exciting collaboration between SMS and Levidian, which we hope will lead to a ‘win-win’ outcome for both companies. SMS’s status as the hydraulic and electrical experts in the energy sector will prove vital for supporting Levidian with the future development and deployment of LOOP.”

Ian Hopkins, Chief Production Officer, Levidian Nanosystems added: “It is critical for Levidian to work with experienced partners to support the deployment and integration of LOOP systems with industrial customers. SMS and Alderley have a strong track record of success and we look forward to developing a productive partnership to deliver meaningful benefits in our fight against climate change.”

“We’re delighted to be entering an agreement with Levidian where we believe we can add real value to a company with a revolutionary LOOP decarbonisation device. As a supply chain company in the East of England it’s a fantastic opportunity to support a company from the same region with one of the most exciting technologies around today that could prove important in our fight with climate change,” said Dave Howlett, Managing Director of SMS and Alderley project lead.

The MoU enters force with immediate effect (May 2022) and sets out terms for deepening the collaboration between the two companies in future.

About SMS

SMS is the hydraulic and electrical expert for the global energy industry. 

SMS’ priority is to optimise the integrity and efficiency of its clients’ energy assets.  It achieves this through its extensive range of asset integrity solutions, smarter services including digitally optimised services, and new build and retrofit control systems – specialised solutions honed across 30 years supporting some of the biggest names in the energy industry.

About LOOP

LOOP devices are named for their approximate annual CO2e reduction potential. A LOOP50, for example, reduces CO2e by 50 tonnes per year. This amount of CO2e is doubled in applications where the input gas is from a waste source, such as on oil & gas well sites (a LOOP50 using waste gas would reduce CO2e by 100 tonnes per year). LOOPs can be deployed in standard shipping containers or into permanent infrastructure as single units or larger arrays. Levidian is currently scaling up LOOP technology to deploy LOOP1000+.

The device uses a patented low temperature, low pressure process to crack methane into its constituent atoms, hydrogen and carbon, without the need for catalysts or additives. The carbon is locked into high-quality graphene and the hydrogen can either be used as a hydrogen-rich blend or separated and stored for use in its pure form.

About Levidian

Founded in 2012, Levidian is a British climate tech business whose patented LOOP technology cracks methane into hydrogen and carbon, locking the carbon into high-quality green graphene. Our world-leading Technology Centre in Cambridge also offers R&D consultancy to companies in the development of graphene-enhanced products.

Levidian’s vision is a decarbonised world powered by hydrogen and built on graphene.


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