Pressurised Control Cabins (PCCs)

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Pressurised Control Cabins

Creating a safe area office environment for personnel and equipment, our Pressurised Control Cabins (PCCs) - complete with built-in HVAC and power control systems - can be sized to contain the varied equipment requirements and personnel numbers to suit your needs.

PCCs at a glance

System Specification

•  Built-in purge and pressurisation systems and control
•  Fire and gas monitoring, integraed with the pressurisation system
•  Heating and air conditioning systems, suitable for use in hazardous areas
•  Multiple input voltage / frequency transformer for global utilisation
•  UPS and control panels can be designed as required, or space left for customer's equipment


•  316 stainless steel or carbon steel enclosed or open framed construction
•  Stand-alone systems or integrated with an HPU or IWOCS for a combined solution
•  Environmental loadings can include: vessel motions, wind and blast loadings
•  Fully insulated and fire rated up to class A60


•  Safety Integrity Level up to SIL3
•  Safe area and hazardous environments (Zone 1/2, Class 1 Division 1/2), to ATEX, IECEx or NEC (NFPA 70)
•  Standard temperatures design in accordance with EN 13628-6, systems also available with Extended and Arctic ratings
•  Design and certification to DNV2.7-1 and DNV2.7-3
•  When required designed to the relevant NORSOK standards

All systems are designed according to your individual requirements or our standardised design philosophies - always incorporating safety, environmental and statutory requirements.



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