The SMS Services department can assist you with your spares management for all SMS supplied systems, and any other systems that would fall within our area of expertise both mechanical and electrical.

Through planned maintenance schedules, management of spares and repair services, we help customers plan their Operation Expenditure (OPEX) as well as assist in reducing costs associated with downtime and carrying excess inventory.

As part of our spares management we offer:

  • Genuine article products ensuring your equipment stays within specification

  • Commissioning spares, operational spares, insurance spares

  • Worldwide Operational support including:

    • Site surveys and inspections

    • Installation services

    • Visit Services for a full list of support available 

We are able to provide quotations for parts on an adhoc basis or can put forward consolidated spare listings based on the original purchasing and manufacturing records. Where spare parts are no longer available we have the necessary technical engineering expertise to be able to offer alternative solutions.