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Repairs and Refurbishments

SMS offer full repair and refurbishment services at our facility in Great Yarmouth and have a long standing record of providing customers with the right solution to match their needs. This includes everything from full system overhaul, modifications and rebuilds to simple recertification of components.  Items that can be repaired or refurbished by SMS include, but not limited to:

  • Drawer control modules

  • Accumulator, actuator and umbilical decommissioning and disposal.

  • Hydraulic power unit

  • Wellhead control panels

  • Reelers / winches

  • Chemical injection skids

  • Flushing units

  • Accumulators

  • Smaller systems such as test pumps and wireline units

  • Pumps

  • Valves

SMS can provide on-site surveys of equipment prior to refurbishment and excel at problem solving for clients, including sourcing parts and spares for older equipment, procurement and replacement of obsolete equipment, and providing 24/7 support providing quick turnaround repairs.

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