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Continued performance throughout your lifecycle

Providing fully integrated hose management support, our dedicated service team helps to ensure continued hose performance – maximising up-time whilst giving you peace of mind.

360° support

Complementing our leading manufacturing and supply capabilities, our experts can provide full onshore and offshore hose installation services for seamless integration and fast start-up. Powered by Inspection Manager, our experienced inspection team will fully assess all of your hose systems whilst providing instant and actionable insights to support any remedial actions – all of which can be completed by SMS for a prompt resolution.

Comprehensive hose management

All SMS installed hoses and components can be tagged and preloaded into the Inspection Manager application. This enhances inspection and maintenance planning, and provides instant access to all relevant data and certification in the event of an audit.

Peace of mind

With an intimate knowledge of the oil and gas industry, along with full hose system data management capabilities, we can develop and implement end-to-end hose inspection, maintenance and replacement strategies – optimising your performance whilst helping to ensure operational safety.


Powered by Inspection ManagerTM, our Inspection Services:

  • Maximise operational up-time
  • Ensure system safety and asset integrity
  • Minimise disruptions
  • Provide secure and fully auditable inspection records

Find out more about SMS Inspection Manager here


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