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Catching Them Early: Apprenticeships at SMS - Matt Vieira

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Last month, we kicked off our new mini blog series about apprenticeships at SMS with an article about Jake, who has joined us as Junior Electrical Engineer (you can find the blog here in case you’ve missed it). We are now very excited to release Part II of the series, introducing the latest addition to the SMS CAD Team: Matt Vieira.

You know what they say: Time flies when you’re having fun. And we can honestly not believe that it was not even two months ago that Matt started with us in Great Yarmouth as Trainee CAD Engineer.

Matt graduated with a degree in Industrial Design from the University of Hertfordshire in 2015. Shortly after, he started a job as a part time CAD designer with GZ Electrical in Norwich, producing building electrical layout drawings. Before joining SMS on 25 September, Matt spent some time working as an apprentice carpenter, but the opportunity at SMS allowed him to move back into a role where his true ambitions lie. Matt is a highly creative individual as shown by his work as a freelance illustrator, and his achievement of winning the Design Museum's National Competition in 2014 - and we’re already looking forward to him bringing some of that creativity to the SMS CAD team.

Since late September, Matt has been learning the ropes of the drawing office including the basics of BS ISO drawing standards. He has already completed the first part of the AutoCAD certified user training at an AutoDesk approved training centre, and is currently learning how to edit and produce HPU, WHCP, TUTU & Chemical Injection system hydraulic schematic diagrams and electrical wiring diagrams. These will be used in various proposals and ongoing projects, and their quality already serves as testimony to Matt’s talent. Moving forward, he is soon going to attend Part 2 of the AutoCAD certified user training, and after passing his certified user exam is going to start getting involved in 3D equipment design.

At SMS, we recognise the importance of people to the success of any operation, which is why we are actively trying to attract and retain the best talent. Apprenticeships, along with our graduate scheme, allow us to foster talented individuals, and fully immerse them into the company at an early stage in their career. Our goal is to provide them with an environment of growth and development, and are looking forward to seeing the starters of today become the leaders of tomorrow.


13 Nov, 2017